This on-line gallery is the brain child of  Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa. She did her M.Sc. in Life Sciences and Ph.D. in Microbiology. Her area of research in Science is Toxins produced by Microorganisms in food and how to control them and protect food from these Microbes and Toxins.  She published several research papers in science. Creating art is one of her passions. She is a self-taught artist who specializes in Science based art. She is also a writer, a poet, a designer, a social activist and a network creator. She explores the relationship between Art, Literature and Science on her network, Sci-Art Lab. She communicates science through art and literature. Although she painted Nature in water colours in her childhood, she has been actively creating art - especially science based one - since 2006.

She did one solo exhibition, “Cosmic Show of Science”, in Hyderabad, India in 2008, group shows in Hyderabad, Kolkatta, Jodhpur, Goa and Jaipur in India in 2009, and a group show in Copenhagen (Denmark) in 2010. She participated in Izmir Biennial in May 2011 ( Turkey) and in a group show in Italy along with Italian artists in the first week of March, 2011.  She also participated in the first international science-art conference in Moscow in 2012 and exhibited her works.

Although Dr. Challa writes stories and poems too, she mainly writes on science, science-art-literature relationships, science-literature and science-art for her network. You can watch videos and read some of her articles, blogs, poems and discussions on her network

Each work of art presented here is conceived and done by Dr. Challa. Please click on the links and step into another world....                                                                     

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